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Prehistoric Civilizations

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Earth's Children series, Jean Auel (Clan of the Cave Bear, bk. 1)

Daughter of Kura, Deborah Austin

Mammoth Trilogy, Steven Baxter (Silverhair, bk. 1)

Stonehenge, Bernard Cornwell

Artifacts, Mary Anna Evans

Zadayi Red, Caleb Fox

First North American series, Michael Gear, Kathleen O'Neal (People of the Wolf, bk. 1)

The Chinese alchemist, Lyn Hamilton

Eden Series, Harry Harrison (alternate history)

Ivory Carver trilogy, Sue Harrison, (Mother Earth, Father Sky, bk. 1)

Lake of sorrows, Erin Hart

Brendan, Morgan Llywelyn

Earthsong Trilogy, Mary Mackey (The Year the Horses Came, bk. 1)

Labyrinth, Kate Mosse

Wolf Brother, Michelle Paver

Crocodile on the Sandbank, Elizabeth Peters

Temple, Matthew Reilly

Epona series, Judith Tarr (White Mare's Daughter, bk. 1)

The Gap series, Harry Turtledove, (Beyond the Gap, bk. 1)

The Songs of the Kings, Barry Unsworth

The Reindeer Hunters series, Joan Wolf (The Reindeer Hunters, bk. 1)

Woman of a Thousand Secrets, Barbara Wood


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