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A Cold Place in Hell, William Blinn 

West Texas Kill, Johnny D. Boggs

Hanging Judge, Lyle Brandt

Country of the Bad Wolfes: A Novel, James Carlos Blake

The Secret of Lodestar, Tim Champlin

Shavetail, Thomas Cobb

The Orchardist, Amanda Coplin

The Night Journal, Elizabeth Crook

Tallgrass, Sandra Dallas

Remember Ben Clayton, Stephen Harrigan

The Shape Shifter, Tony Hillerman

The Way of the Coyote, Elmer Kelton

The God of Animals, Aryn Kyle

Damnation Road, Max McCoy

I, Quantrill, Max McCoy

Lonesome Dove: A Novel, Larry McMurtry

Stranger in Thunder Basin, John D. Nesbitt

Far Bright Star, Robert Olmstead

The Horse Creek Incident, Dusty Richards

Sierra:  A Novel of the California Gold Rush, Richard S. Wheeler


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